Career Options for Teachers in UK

Are you passionate about teaching? Are you looking for teaching option abroad? United Kingdom is the perfect destination for you as it is welcoming numerous international teachers every year for a numerous teaching positions.  The teaching system in UK is very flexible and there are lots of jobs available in greater London area.

As per the teaching in London is concerned, the curriculum is very straight and very easy to pick up allowing the foreign teachers to easily get adjusted and excel in their career. When compared to the teachers in North America and Australia, foreign teachers in UK will get fairly extensive holidays and also will get the excitement of teaching in a new educational system.

There are two types of teaching options in UK that everyone should know before relocating to United Kingdom.  The first one is supply teaching which allows the teacher who just arrived in UK to work with a number of schools and gain the maximum experience and also earn £120 per day. These teaching positions are available throughout the year allowing the teachers to begin their teaching career any time.

The second option is the long term teaching positions which are available in most of the subject areas. The teachers in this position can expect an annual salary ranging from £22,000 – £24,000. In this type of position, the teacher will know where he/she will be working and also there are many long-term contracts that may also lead to permanent positions. These positions generally start at the beginning of each term and the teachers have to apply 2-3 months prior to the start of the term.

UK is an excellent place with a mix of modern attractions and old-world charm. The living in the United Kingdom becomes memorable as it has many tourist attractions which can be visited by the teacher during their holidays. So, with these many attractions and facilities, United kingdom opens the doors for those who want to get experience and excel in both the supply teaching and long term teaching positions in UK.


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